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Welcome to Vertical Planting, A Green Future.
Joris who started Vertical Planting has enjoyed over 25 years in the industry, specialising in horticulture and vertical landscaping. His passion and flair for planting began at a very early age when helping his father on the nurseries. Always loving the different seasons, he is very aware of change, especially the changes of today. He realises the importance of working on a green future.

The Vertical Planting team combines years of commercial experience in green walls and vertical landscaping.

Our design and installation team work to strive for the best and newest design concepts,ideas, and solutions enabling us to offer our customer the latest technology, and maintenance programmes, providing them with an excellent service.

We are continuously testing and observing new products to find what works best in different climates, and environments, our substraat manager and plant growers work together to achieve the best results and outcome for our vertical gardens.

We install both vertical gardens / green walls and creeper systems. Small as well as large projects

"The possibilities are only limited by one's imagination!"

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