Geen living walls

At vertical planting, after numerous studies and research we have designed a different system that allows almost endless possibilities and artistic freedom to create unique planting designs. Our living wall systems can be used for either interior or exterior, were we can use such a wide variety of plants, from evergreens to colourful perennials, ferns and mosses, to beautiful foliage plants, creating an array of flora, and they provide advantages in both situations. They are easy installed and maintained. These systems are light in weight, and environmentally friendly. We are able to monitor our living wall via computer link up, this allows:

Continual measurement & adjustment of rain water, feeding & nutrients
Closed water irrigation system allows for rainwater harvesting & recycling
There is minimal water wastage
From initial planting we give 95% plant coverage.

Our systems come with a 10 year guarantee.

"It will form a beautiful and sustainable showpiece for your building"

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