Creeper Systems

Creeper systems are a different way of green walling, it is a cost effective way of planting and there is very little maintenance with these systems. They are environmentally friendly and are light in weight.

The vertical Planting Specialist offers a diverse range of metals and planting troughs, that enables you to have a custom made design.

We use a wide variety of green creeping and flowering plants, and can introduce many concepts for your system.

Our creeper systems are suitable for all areas:

  • Large buildings 20 - 30 m high
  • Open car parking, excellent for dust absorption
  • Boundary Fencing, ground fencing

They give great insulation to buildings, when attached to a wall, and because of our system you have full coverage in 2 years.

We have a computerised irrigation system were we can monitor the systems and all our systems come with a 10 year guarantee.

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