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Green Wall and Hanging Gardens
A creeper or hanging gardens system to create a different way of a green facade. It is a cost effective way of plant and there is requested little maintenance. They give a great insulation of buildin…
Green Walls and Vertical Plants
Green walls and vertical gardens visible from the public space to improve quality of life The municipality of Amsterdam proposes subsidies for the creation of green facades or roofs.

Sustainable Green Walls
The Vertical planting Specialist has a system that is also an efficient way to purify air. Just like the well-known air-purifying effect of leaves can also roots and all the micro-organisms in the ve…
Green Buildings
Regardless of the time perspective offers Cradle to Cradle inspired green, healthy buildings and areas. Cradle to Cradle building means in any case  
Mobile Green Wall Dividers
Green wall dividers or Moving Hedge. Through these tropical plants you create a unique environment. The acoustics humidity and air purification will improve significantly in your office or living spa…
Vertical Living Wall
The vertical wall in Belfast after 3.5 years is still pretty overgrown and our four seasons design is still looking good. Experience and maintenance is important for a sustainable healthy green facade…

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