Green living Wall Woerden at Lake Como.

08 May 2018

Vertical planting specialist has delivered the first vertical garden at Lake Como in Woerden by appointment. This green façade now grows over 3 weeks, photo left third week April are the first plants planted photo right development after 3 weeks. The automatic irrigation system is remotely adjustable and can be checked and adjusted. With the planting plan we have obviously taken this sunny facade into account. The wish of the owner was beautiful combined planting, which is why we chose a four season facade with a playful look, which will give different colors and experience every season. The owner is therefore very satisfied with the end result of this vertical garden. A pleasant natural experience of a green facade against your house. People are often very positive about the possibility of having a natural green experience close to home. Many people find it pleasant to touch nature, smell, view and hear natural sounds. Vertical planting specialist is responsible for advice, planting plan, delivery and installation.

[site_source]: Joris Bunschoten

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