Sustainable Green Walls

25 October 2015

The Vertical planting Specialist has a system that is also an efficient way to purify air.

Just like the well-known air-purifying effect of leaves can also roots and all the micro-organisms in the vertical garden which thereby occur are involved as an air-purifying surface with the greatest efficiency of weight with respect to size.
The felt will contaminants from the air, they are slowly broken down and mineralized until they are used as food for plants. The green façade is a very effective means to purify air and water where flat surfaces are often used for human activities
Vertical gardens and facade planting is also one of the finest green products with architectural allure.
The green walls and green facades have a major contribution to improving air quality both indoors and outdoors, green and sustainability for the future-proof livable city.

To plant a garden together is to believe in tomorrow

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