living green wall

05 March 2020

Joris Bunschoten of The Vertical Planting Company created this beautiful two-story living green wall to greet visitors in the lobby of Maaz Cheese in Bodegraven, Netherlands. Soaring to the second floor, the wall is welcoming and highlights the company’s devotion to nature.

Using Florafelt Pockets, the wall is seamlessly integrated into the building’s modern architecture. A sleek metal frame stylishly conceals the Irrigation and drainage systems.

The towering installation hosts 960 perfectly chosen low-light interior plants including dracena, asparagus, scindapsus,fatsia japonica, alocasia, philodendron, aglaonema.

The wall is meticulously maintained and monitored by sensors to remotely control the automatic irrigation system. An additional nutrient system to feeds the plants to keep them at peak optimal health.

[site_source]: Joris Bunschoten

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