Vertical plant trays

These modules are used for a wide range of green walls, for private use as project moderate both indoors and outdoors and is available in different sizes. Plants can be grown in small and / or large surfaces The use of an automated irrigation is possible, such as watering with the hand for small areas For green walls over a large surface area, of course, has an automatic watering system is preferred. The special substrate that is used provides a long-lasting growth and the first years of no plant nutrition.


The modules are made of HD EPP (High Density expanded polypropylene):

  • UV resistance: surface material deterioration no more than 0.7 mm after 3 years of direct UV exposure. (Testing based on standard NF T51-165).
  • Fire resistance: B2 rating based on DIN 4102 - Part 1. These are the results of the German Flammability testing for cars and building products, in which the components with 70 g / l rated density B2 as a thickness exceeding 20 mm.
  • Frost resistance: 1.5 MPa and 50% strain at -30 ℃ C on the basis of on the basis of ISO 844 and DIN 53 421, of the material stiffness is increased with lower temperatures,
  • Resistance nitrates: shows very good resistance after prolonged immersion nitric acid diluted to 10% (H + NO3-: strong oxidant). Very good stability even compared to ketones (Acetone, etc.), alcohols, esters, mineral oils, bases, inorganic acids and hot water (85 ℃ C).
  • The module isolates the growth medium and roots effectively to extreme temperatures (hot and cold).
  • The slope of the ways of planting in containers phototropism (natural orientation of the plants' plants), so that the plants are subject to less stress.
  • The modules of which the green wall are attached to the existing wall with a fastening system.

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