Florafelt, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

Eco-friendly design for Vertical Gardens

Florafelt Vertical Garden are fashioned from 100% recycled plastic bottles, creating a soft, luxuriant fabric that is non-toxic, UV stable and will last a lifetime. Recycled synthetic material creates an ideal environment for vertical gardens, and interior architects and architects favor them over organic materials that decay quickly.

Your living wall will develop its own unique microenvironment, and exposure to the air facilitates the efficient breakdown of molecules into nutrients.

We mount the felt pockets to recyclable, breathable, lightweight plastic fluted board that not only provides support, but protects walls from moisture, noise and soundproofing.

Technical Specs

  • Nylon-felt pockets - High tensile strength and resiliency - Superior thermal insulation and acoustical properties (0.66 noise reduction coefficient) - Will not break down or bottom out - Hypo-allergenic - Moth-proof; mildew and odor-resistant - Contains No Irritants Or Carcinogens. - Lightweight And formable. - Passes FMVSS 302.
  • Backing board - The backing board is a sturdy plastic sheeting extruded from polypropylene (HDPE). Its fluted ribs support both surfaces, making it light weight, tough and abuse resistant. Additionally, it is both chemical, water resistant, and recyclable. Standard size is 80x60 cm .
  • The Vertical Planting Company and Cradle To Cradle.


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