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Whether it's interior or exterior, a office block or retail environment, a living wall is a sustainable,natural showpiece that will add impact as well as beauty.
We at Vertical Planting use the most advanced fabrication and growing systems to ensure that our living walls provide year on year sustainability and growth. Managed via our computer link-ups these beautiful installations are continuously monitored and maintained to guarantee that plants are constantly given the correct levels of hydration and nutrition.

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Creeper Systems                                                         Living Walls

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Living Green Wall                                                         Green Room Divider

We tailor all our projects to the specific environment and climate, our vertical gardens are designed with a wide variety of seasonal flora that will present an array of colour, shape, and texture in a unique and innovative way.

Why not incorporate a naturally sustainable evergrowing and 'green' feature into your living, working or built environment, and enjoy the extensive benefits of what these amazing formations can bring.


"Creating beauty in the built environment"

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