Green Room Dividers

Green room dividers - green wall – moving hedge with tropical plants, now at any indoor location possible.

We can install at any location a beautiful tropical green room divider-moving hedge with a unique design, planting which is evergreen and will give a soothing feeling. Through these tropical plants, creating a unique environment so the acoustics, humidity and air purification will improve significantly. We have several possibilities to place a beautiful moving hedge or green room divider. The moving hedge can be used as a room divider, and is mobile, sound-absorbing and planted on both sides. The moving hedge has very low maintenance and a high aesthetic level with its high concentration of plants in a small area has many advantages instead of single plants. The modern sleek design makes the green dividers a real eye catcher for your office environment. We have the many advantages of the green room divider- moving hedges, green wall, put in a row for you.


With the green room divider you can kill two birds with one stone. Not only from an aesthetic point of view it enriches your office, also has the green wall a beneficial effect on the acoustics in the room. Compared to industrial, planted acoustic walls is heavily in favor. With the research at TU Delft are the positive effects of green wall amply demonstrated. The digits the associated coefficient for sound absorption is between 70 and 80 percent. In other words, in normal speech area of 500 - 2000 Hz, the score of the Plant wall is optimal. By comparison, existing acoustic panels are not more than 20 to 50 percent. Additionally moving room divider ,is also much more beautiful and natural.


The humidity in an office is directly related to the wellbeing of people in that space. At optimum humidity labor is higher, as research suggests. Green room divider have a positive influence on the air humidity in a room. This influence depends on the location and type of planting. A rule of thumb can be used that the average green partition on a day planting surface evaporates from 500 to 800 cc of water per m2.

Air Cleaner

Moving hedge have a purifying effect on the air in the office and at home. In order to grow a plant needs CO2. The amount of harmful CO2 is decreasing in an office or in a living space. But there are more harmful substances where plants effectively do away with them. Think of formaldehyde and ozone. Employees in an office therefore operate under more favorable conditions and they feel more comfortable with. Green partition - green room dividers provides support in this process.

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